Samsung Singsong

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Samsung wanted a big UK campaign to put its products in front of 18-35 year-olds. The campaign had to be high impact and fun, and improve mindshare and brand engagement in a highly competitive marketplace. This is what we pitched.

23rd November 2010
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

We came up with the Samsung Summer of Love, a festival circuit campaign that would showcase the brand and its product range on multiple platforms, both live and digital. The client would have a clearly defined, fully branded area at a host of leading festivals, at which visitors could discover their products in an exciting and stimulating environment.

This experiential brand experience would include The Samsung Hotspot, comprising a vintage Airstream trailer and a VW Camper as tech-ready chill out areas, and Samsung Singalong, an interactive 3D sound installation that would combine Guitar Hero/Rock Band-type competition with the simple ecstasy of a bouncy-castle style stage and the sensory bombardment of a Japanese gameshow. All the results would be fed into a comprehensive communications strategy.