Promotion Vehicles launches big pink
Superdrug Routemaster bus

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Promotion Vehicles launches #bigpinkbus - The Superdrug Routemaster bus

10th October 2017
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

Nobody can miss this bus! 

Promotion Vehicles launched Superdrug’s latest experiential marketing tool at the health and beauty brand’s 2017 Supplier Conference in London – the big pink Superdrug Routemaster.

We gave a 52-year-old Routemaster bus the makeover of a lifetime, with coach-conversion wizards South East Coachworks working their magic on the rebuild, to create something truly bold, beautiful and colourful for Superdrug and its suppliers.

Superdrug has over 250 suppliers and stocks a huge range of big brands such as L’Oréal, Pantene, Lynx, Revlon, Rimmel, Pampers and Durex.

The very special bus was presented to Superdrug’s suppliers at Alexandra Palace as part of its annual partner event. We showcased the Routemaster’s eye-catching new look (pink!) and its reimagined interior, and demonstrated the state-of-the-art event tech that will be on board.

The new event tech, provided by our big-brained technical partner Kerve, includes product personalisation software, which will allow customers to put their names on their favourite health and beauty products.

Superdrug will use the big pink Routemaster bus for its own-brand marketing events, and is making it available to its partners for dual-branded marketing experiences.

PickledEgg is managing the use of the bus for Superdrug own-brand and dual-branded experiential marketing, roadshows, product launches, exhibitions and other related events.

It’s your stop.

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