The Transformers Tour

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How did we put Transformers in Prime Position?

17th May 2019
By Ross Crawford / Creative Director

Global toymaster Hasbro wanted a UK-wide campaign to promote the new Transformers film, The Last Knight, and showcase the latest merchandise, including action figures. They wanted to raise awareness of the film and introduce the new characters, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

We built a fully mobile post-apocalyptic-themed Transformers installation. We transformed two shipping containers to create the all-action set. Features included multiple play zones, an Optimus Prime truck and live-action Transformers characters.

We developed bespoke tech to teach the kids about the characters. The Cybertron Chronicles was an interactive Transformers Top Trumps game and the 360-degree Battle of Cybertron game gave kids the chance to save Sqweeks and the Autobots by defeating the Decepticons.

The latter game was made available online ( to extend the experience.

The Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Barricade live-action characters accompanied the set on its tour. Parents could take pictures of their kids with the 8ft characters. By posting their pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #transformerstourUK, kids could access and print out a special edition postcard.

Awareness raised, engagement strengthened and mindshare increased

The Tour was very well received by Hasbro and the public. The experience was a success at every venue – over 35,000 people visited the Transformers installation, with over 19,000 people playing the Transformers games. The Tour achieved incredible social media reach and significant media coverage. Overall, the Tour raised awareness, strengthened engagement and increased mindshare, in line with the client’s objectives.

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